How Devs clear their message to engage users

Because clear branding makes following crypto-projects easy. Even for true degens.

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Only 1/3 of investors can explain Blockchain.

The other ones are true Degens. In the next years, 70 % of wealth will be owned by millennials. Rip Boomer. These people want to know where to put their money. And because attention span is dying (thanks TikTok). They want to know it quickly. Story telling is the best way to create a community that genuinely cares.

Blockchain Communication

The biggest barrier to adoption of new technology is not design, features, or benefits, but communication.


Community Building

The right people inside your community is vital for any Web3 project. We bring those people together.

Physical Hubs

Social Hubs that connect the builders of tomorrow with the greatest minds of today. 


How Storytelling for Blockchain works

If you confuse, you lose. We look at your project from user’s perspective. Pick up the main problem. Then make your message crystal clear and easy to digest.

The first system designed by/for Degens

While everyone out there pretends to be the smartest kid in town. We accepted the fact that most of us are true Degens. We make mistakes, we learn, we adopt. But most importantly, we APE. To make Aping more beneficial and easy – we created the first Degen friendly Hub. Join us at Degen-House!

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If you have an interesting crypto related project. Want to create a community and need help creating a message that people will follow. Feel free to contact us!

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