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Access Capital, Resources and a Network of Experts to turn your innovative ideas into reality
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Building alone sucks!

 The Internet is shifting. Opening a once in a lifetime opportunity for everyone – bold enough to try. We’re the springboard for the misfits, the underprivileged, the creators and innovators. Those who don’t care about “this is how we always did it”.  In short: the Degenz 🤝

Supporting web3 founders to enjoy life and buidl together

Web3 Events

Our events bring together top industry experts, founders, and investors to share their insights and experiences. Join us to network, learn, and grow your web3 startup.


Founder programs

Personalized support through masterminds, cohorts, and hackerhouses. Connect with like-minded founders to build a strong community to support your growth


Launch Campaigns

From market research to PR to community building, we’ll work with you to create a tailored strategy to help you launch your product with success. Our Community can’t wait to APE! 


A selected Network of web3 DeGens with commitment to change the world around them

We share results, resources, and failures. Creating a save space free from FUD

Imagine Disneyland for Web3 Degenz 

Ultimately, we will buy real estate and create a space welcoming everyone bold enough to tackle modern problems with modern solutions. 

We’ve enough of people telling us what to do and what not. Don’t believe we can do it? Join us or watch from the sideline. The window of opportunities is open. The squeezing is up to you Anon. 

Need help ? Hit Us Up!

If you have an interesting crypto related project. Want to create a community and need help creating a message that people will follow. Feel free to contact us!

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