Making your message degen-friendly.

One day, you will wake up and find all the traditional banks been shut down and replaced by decentralized exchanges. At first, you might be skeptical and worried. But once you begin to understand the benefits they offered. Transactions will be faster, cheaper and more secure than ever before.

Today, everybody knows a goldfish has a greater attention span than us humans. Good for him. But what does that mean and how do we use this fact to create clear Landing Pages?

The basic idea behind this is: If we only have 6 sec than let’s be extra clear about what we have to say. Cut all the bullshit away and focus on the main problem you solve. At the end, it’s a problem-solving business.

A user on a Landing Page – as ne name already suggests – got dropped there. Most likely he is confused. Within miliseconds he will look at the top left of your Site. “A logo” Bingo! Now we still got 5 seconds for him to understand our headline.

But, what does he actually need to “understand”?

We’ll keep it short. I’ll tell you:

  1. What is in it for me? (WIIIFM) always the first question. People care about themselves. Its instinct. Get over it.

If he realized, he could benefit from your service/offer – he knows hes at the right place. Bonus + 6 seconds! Yeah! Now tell him:

  1. How does he get there? (This is easily done by adding a Button)

If you provide value to your audience, make sure they know in 6 seconds. How do you do this? EASY! Just do the True Degen Landing Page test:

It’s important to really keep it at 5 seconds and make sure that the frog you ask is kinda in your target audience. It may sound disappointing, but the only big secret is that there is no secret.

Testing out what will work best is the most efficient way to get what you want. For true Degens at least.

To sum it all up: make sure you have a clear message so Degens can understand.

 “But our business is so complex that…” The easy answer is no! Your project is complex for sure. Blockchain is. But there is always a way to sum it up. Explain it like a five-year-old (or Degen) would need to understand.

It’s often hard to make a simple statement about what you do. And for whom it may benefit.

But it shouldn’t!

Here’s an easy-to-use formula that will give you slight overview. Try it. Repeat it. Master it!

Okay this is great and all but let’s put this formula to action.

Let’s choose a project and see if we can make the message more understandable for new users.

Alright so from this webpage I can see that Penguin Finance is the leading gamified DeFi Hub on Avalanche.

But… What does this even mean?

Let’s transform it to our formula and see if we can make the message clearer in 5 minutes.

Well…that’s not too bad. At least if you consider a Degen made this in 5 minutes.

Does this mean you want to spam this long ass text right on your website? No.

Does this mean you should ape in to PeFi with everything you got? Hell no.


It’s just meant to make things a bit clearer. And I’d say the first version leaves more open questions than the second one. That was easy – try another one – I hear you say? Okay then. Let’s go right at it.


Look at Tezos. Big project with its own chain. But what do they do? Let’s look at the top of their website. Remember we should be able to know after 5 seconds.

Okay so they got their own Blockchain.

Designed to evolve. What does evolve mean?

 I remember playing Pokémon where evolving was hell of a good thing so there’s that.

Focus on security and build to last are some things I pre-assume every blockchain would have.

Upgradeable. I can imagine at least 5 different meanings of upgrade.

Is it some sort of business upgrade when flying economy?

 Because that I’d take. Some annoying software update on my phone? Hell nah. Stay away with this please.

I don’t know a lot about Tezos. NO investment advice. I randomly picked these examples. Let’s put our framework to action and see if we can make the message of a Crypto-Project worth billions even more simple in under 5 minutes.

Okay let’s be honest, that was a hard one. May have taken me 6 minutes. But here it is:

Wow that’s hell of a sentence, isn’t it? Coming from the background a chain like Bitcoin needs to split (fork) up between its hash power to implement new rules which separated the community in the past (Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin SV). Tezos chain can be fully updated. Hence, it’s evolving.  

Is that what we should put on the website? No. You need to twitch the sentence a little – make it shot. Compelling and easy to digest. Let’s give it a try:

Tezos helps coders focus on innovation by providing the latest technical standards without forking the chain.

Okay that may not be the best tagline ever invented, but it will do its cause.

If you are working at Tezos hmu for an even better slogan 😉. The point is. With a little work you can make your message easier for everyone. And that’s the point of degen-house.


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