Creating narratives to engage Communities.

Stories are three times more memorable than facts. Dev Teams are so in to their project. They often fail to communicate on the consumer level. Degen-House fills this cap and connects Coders and Users.

Community building by Degens for Degens

We are no different. We want our generation to benefit from blockchain and avoid as much scam as possible. A strong community enables sustainable growth for your Idea.

Data driven approach

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There is no secret formula. Even after all those successful campaigns, I have no clue if the same things will work for your campaign. We track and analyze everything. Data does not lie! 


Easy to understand

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Our approach is to make complex things such as blockchain so simple that every Degen out there can understand. We connect Ideas with potential users. 


authentic communication

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Fuck. Authenticity beats the shit out of formality. We want to prove that you can start businesses without that fake bullshit! 

How It Works

If your project is accepted by the community we will make your company message degen friendly. 


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What does Degen-House do for me?

If you decide to let your project be managed by one of our housekeepers. We will offer you the right mix between these services: 

Growth Loops

A story is good and all. But it’s clearly not enough to get what we want. Users. By creating a growth loop, we try and get more leads (output) with constant work (input). 

Funnel design

If Online-Marketing were the human body. The funnel would be the skin holding it all together. We develop creative strategies based on your core message.


Account Management

We manage your social media accounts. Create Memes. Keep spammers out of the channels. Create even more memes. And leave no question unanswered. 

Target Analysis

Even the best st0ry is useless when not presented to the right audience. We make sure your idea gets adaption in the right corner of the market.

Community Building

Lorem Ipsum. 

We have nothing to say. 

Simply join our community and you will see. 


Need help ? Hit Us Up!

If you have an interesting crypto related project. Want to create a community and need help creating a message that people will follow. Feel free to contact us!

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