Community over company.

Bringing the benefits of DeFi, to the average investor. We don’t operate as a profit maximizing company. We learn from another. Grow together. And Form a like-minded community. Authenticity beats formality – we are a community, not a company!

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The Housekeepers

We are true Degens united by our mission: make the benefits of Blockchain accessible for everyone.

Kilian Henner

Co-Founder, Marketing-

Luis Homann

Co-Founder, Managing-Wizard

Giaime Foertsch

Partner & Business Strategy

Carlo zCase

NFT Expert

Our Story

In the beginning of 2020 we started looking for education about blockchain related use cases. What we were learning about blockchain as part of our studies simply was not enough to understand the wide reach of this technology. As the education we encountered was not sufficient we started to educate ourselves. 

After educating ourselves we found out that a lot of people are mislead and stopped by the same barrier we were: The difficulty of understanding the projects and how to invest in them. 
We decided to start educating people around us step-by-step. 
In the path of learning we undertook, we met a lot of different projects and found out that the problem is a 2 sided coin. Most of the protocols need help with building and fostering their community. Therefore, SIMPLIFY THEIR MESSAGE. 

This is why we created Degen-House. To link both worlds and create equal opportunities. 


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