Web3 Pitch Contest

An online Event uniting ambitious founders and humble investors under the innovative spirit of Web3

Some of Our Partner

Are you sitting on the next big thing?

If you have an incredible business but are not used to the manner of raising money… It’s hard to find investment or even valuable feedback

3-easy steps to connect to our network

Apply with your Deck

Simply click through our chatbot. Giving us all the information we need.


Prepare your pitch

Wait for approval while our team checks your document. Everybody gets feedback! 


Present your Startup

Get your web3 idea in front of the active web3 investors with open investment rounds


We know the struggle!

We know finding investment can be tricky!
Over the past years, we pitched in multiple contests, won hackathons, and built an excellent network of humble investors.

This network is now open to you!

Need help ? Hit Us Up!

If you have an interesting crypto related project. Want to create a community and need help creating a message that people will follow. Feel free to contact us!

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